Single Variable Calculus


Welcome. With Calculus as a cornerstone of mathematical education, this upcoming book will be an invaluable asset for those seeking to learn the fundamentals. Single Variable Calculus: With Python is set to make its debut on Amazon in Summer 2023 – both paperback and hardcover editions available!

Short Description

In this book, we cover the basics of a first and second-semester course in the calculus of a single variable. Topics include limits and continuous functions, derivatives and their applications, and integrals and their applications. Techniques of integration and then infinite sequences and series are detailed. While we’re learning calculus we’ll also be learning the python programming language. We’ll study calculus numerically, symbolically, and graphically. This three-prong approach allows us to engage in calculus, learn it faster, and explore it deeper.

Other Resources

With this book, I’m giving readers a true multimedia experience. By pairing it with my YouTube channel discussing the main ideas from the book and placing video embeds here on this site, you don’t have to go anywhere else - your learning journey is all under one roof!

Update History

Here is where I keep a log of the majors changes as I finish writing the book.

  1. First draft of preface published on 1/27/2023.
  2. First draft published on 1/18/2023.

Writing Philosophy

Writing mathematics well requires more than just a knack for creativity: critical thinking is necessary to construct convincing arguments and effectively communicate ideas. Additionally, the technical aspects of writing must be mastered to ensure quality work that adheres to my high standards - learn more at


Behind every printed word lies those who helped make it possible. So, I’m profoundly thankful to all the generous contributors whose efforts have enabled this book’s fruition and would like to earnestly express my gratitude for their invaluable role in its completion.

David A. Smith \ Fort Worth, Texas