Learning Linear Algebra


Welcome. Get ready – Learning Linear Algebra: With Python is coming soon! This groundbreaking book promises to provide readers with the ultimate combination of knowledge and skill — mastering linear algebra through an in-depth exploration of its principles by harnessing the power of Python. Get your copy next Summer when both paperback and hardcover versions become available on Amazon.

Short Description

In this book, we cover the basics of linear algebra. Topics include systems of linear equations, finite-dimensional vector spaces, linear transformations, and inner-product spaces. Determinants, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors are also covered. While we explore these topics we’ll also learn how to use python when doing linear algebra. In the second part, we detail the structure of a linear operator by providing an algorithm for the Jordan canonical form of a linear transformation using python.

Other Resources

My YouTube channel, which contains videos discussing the main ideas of this book, is a great companion to accompany your reading experience. Read and write along as you easily access video embeds directly on this site!

Update History

Here is where I keep a log of the majors changes as I finish writing the book.

  1. First draft of preface published on 1/27/2023.
  2. First draft published on 1/18/2023.

Writing Philosophy

Writing mathematics with confidence and eloquence requires more than creativity; strong critical thinking skills are essential for constructing persuasive arguments to communicate ideas effectively. There must also be a mastery of the technical elements that give your writing its quality. To read about my exacting standards, please check out https://directknowledge.com/writing


A hearty debt of gratitude is owed to those who worked tirelessly and selflessly to see this book through its final version. Their contributions were immense, making the publication process a true success - I am extremely thankful for their efforts!

David A. Smith \ Fort Worth, Texas