Basic Set Theory

That Anyone Can Learn


Welcome. Currently, this directory is the (working) first draft of the upcoming book Basic Set Theory: That Anyone Can Learn, to be available on Amazon in the Summer of 2023. Both paperback and hardcover will be available soon.

Short Description

This book is for beginners who want to explore the fascinating world of logical reasoning, mathematical proofs, and set theory. The text is easy to follow and provides many examples that help readers understand the concepts discussed. Topics include propositional logic first-order logic, set theory, functions, and relations. Additionally, we introduce connection theory and concept theory. With the novel approach taken here, with this book as a guide, readers will soon be able to see the beauty and power of mathematical reasoning.

Other Resources

This book is paired with my YouTube channel where I discuss the main ideas in this book. These videos can be found here on this site as video embeds, so you can read, write, and watch all in one place.

Update History

Here is where I keep a log of the majors changes as I finish writing the book.

  1. First draft of preface published on 1/27/2023.
  2. First draft published on 1/14/2023.

Writing Philosophy

To be a successful writer, you must possess an inherent confidence and have something to say. You also need the capacity to think critically (and creatively) in order to create powerful arguments when conveying ideas; these are key elements necessary for writing mathematics clearly and effectively. Additionally, there are technical standards that I practice to ensure quality. I’ve specified my writing practices in detail; and you can find them online at


It is impossible to overstate the importance of those who helped bring this book into its completed form. I am deeply grateful for their generous contributions and would like to express my sincere appreciation.

David A. Smith \ Fort Worth, Texas