About Direct Knowledge

Direct Knowledge is the publishing company for David A. Smith. Subjects include logic, set theory, linear and abstract algebra, number theory, calculus, differential equations, and analysis. The mission of Direct Knowledge is to bring to you the novel ideas and concepts that are explored books in these books in an online format that everyone can access. At Direct Knowledge, we examine the foundations of mathematics and computer science to uncover fascinating new ideas that can unlock solutions for modern challenges. Our goal is to inspire people around the world into action that can constructively shape our future. A spark of inspiration from which they can create something bigger than themselves.

About David A. Smith

David A. Smith is a retired mathematics professor with over 15 years of experience educating students at the University of Texas at Arlington. David is passionate about learning both mathematics and computer science and advancing everyone’s knowledge in these areas. His mission is to make it accessible for people everywhere to learn these subjects, whenever and however they want.

David A. Smith is currently the CEO and founder of Direct Knowledge. With extensive experience in higher education and a passion for learning, his professional and academic careers revolve around advancing knowledge for himself and others.


  • University of Texas at Arlington | Arlington, TX. Masters of Science in Mathematics | December 2000
  • University of Texas at Arlington | Arlington, TX. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics | December 1996


  • Direct Knowledge | CEO & Founder | November 10, 2017 - present
  • Tarrant County College | Mathematics Lecturer, 2016 – 2018
  • University of Texas at Arlington | Mathematics Lecturer, 2002 - 2015
  • University of Texas at Arlington | Graduate Teaching Assistant, 1997 - 2000